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Three generations of the United States to fly the advantages of Fly touch 3: the appearance of a 10.2-inch touch screen LCD screen. HD 1024x600 screen resolution, powered by Google android2.2 Andrews original operating system, memory upgrade to 512M, and support FLASH10.1. Infront using micro iMAP X220 chip, X210 processor, ARM11 core, 1GHz frequency. Standard 6400mAh lithium battery, the battery life of up to 10 years, more than half a month of standby time. Upgraded version of the flying touch, an increase of three generations of HDMI interface, two standard USB interface, a TF card, RJ45 port, audio output and so on. Support for 3G broadband wireless network + wired + wireless + WIFI free wireless broadband network, covering all the way to the Internet.

Two disadvantages:

1: The loud voice is simply equal to not hear! Equal to not sound the same! !

More details:

2: WIFI reception is poor!

Chanel 2.55 is a forever classic [url=]handbags[/url] . Let’s have a look at the story behind this bag.
The 2.55 bag was first introduced in February 1955, which Coco Chanel originally designed for her own use.It caused a quick stir among the upscale fashion lovers because it was the first bag to have a strap. With the chain strap, women can have their hand free by easily slinging over the shoulder.
The 2.55 bag records the story of the life of Coco Chanel as she turned from rich to poor and back again.
Coco Chanel was the daughter of doctor and a lawyer. When she was very young, she had a richful contact with fashion through her mother and developed an interest in fashion. However her mother died of an accident. Coco’s father couldn't accept the death of his wife and committed suicide six months later leaving Coco to the care of an orphanage.
Coco's life in the orphanage had a big influenced on her future designs. The double chain design of the shoulder strap strap was inspired by her memories of the children’s caretakers in the orphanage who would dangle keys from their waists.
The brown/red colour on the inside of the 2.55 bag in fact represents the colour of the uniforms Coco and the rest of the children had to wear in the orphanage.
The 2.55 also has an secret compartment in the inside of the front flap and it is said that it is a place where Coco kept her love letters during an affair she had with Nazi spy, Hans Gunther von Dincklage.
In the outside flap at the back of the bag is another secret pocket. This is where Coco would keep extra money..
During World War II Coco closed all her [url=]wholesale handbags[/url] shops and lived in the Hotel Ritz in Paris throughout the war. When the war was over Coco struggled to revitalize Chanel in the fashion field.
After Coco's original design 2.55, many variations were introduced, including different colour leather/fabric, changes to the chain - metal vs. interwoven leather- and the fasten - mademoiselle vs. interlocking CC.
In 2005 Karl Lagerfeld revived the 2.55 design exactly as Coco had made it for it's 50th anniversary and the new edition was even more popular than the original one.
Although those Chanel 2.55 are designed by different designers,we can still spot a hint of Coco Chanel’s style.

Chanel 2.55 by luckyfishluckyfish, 08 Sep 2011 09:31

Netbooks are more and more popular for its cute looking and being portable. Before you decide to buy a nebook, you should know about the following tips.
What Can (and Can't) Netbooks Do?
Don't underestimate the capabilities of netbooks. They're not just limited to Web surfing, compiling spreadsheets, or word processing. You can offload your photos from a digital camera and edit them using a program like Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. With some patience, you can transcode video to another format using Windows Media Encoder 9 or edit video footage using Adobe Premiere Elements 7, or run your entire music library off of a program like Apple iTunes. A netbook can play video from sites like YouTube or a movie from an external USB drive, unmarred by distortions and lag. Businesses are considering these pint-size laptops because you can run various e-mail clients on them, put them on a network, install a VPN client, and secure them with antivirus and antispyware suites.
Solid State or Hard Disk?
Some people think [url=]buy netbook[/url] can be slung about without fear of it ending up in gadget hospital. But while solid state drives can take a battering, they’re expensive and won’t store much. HDDs can’t stand as much of a battering but will look after your docs.
9in or 10in Screen?
This is more about the keyboard than the screen itself. If you buy a 10in netbook you’ll have a full–size pad on which to tap out disparaging blog posts and tiresome tweets. Get a 9in and you’ll have a (far more) portable machine which is not easy for you to tap out words .
Big price or cut price?
It’s definitely true that the higher the price is, the better quality it has. If you’re not wealty and just use the network to do some simple tasks, then choose a [url=]cheap netbook[/url]. If you have enough money, you can select an expensive one with more durability.

Blake Lively gains a big fame through playing the character Serena in a hit show, Gossip Girl. In this show, it is hard for us to not notice those dazzlng fashions. Blake Lively has become “the beloved” of designers. Every designer wants to dress her with their best clothes, shoes, [url=]handbags on saleand accessories both in and outside the show. In and outside this show, Blake Lively well exhibits those high-end items with covetable styles no matter what she wears or carries. Let’s check out how these [url=[/url] grace Blake.
Blake is pitctured to stroll around Manhattan carrying the classic Chanel Flap bag in navy blue with her boyfriend and Gossip Girl co-star, Penn Badgeley. It seems that Blake prefers practical, larg totes like the Tod's Goa Messenger Media Bag in Coffee, the Miu Miu Shine Bi-Colour Bowler Bag , the black Chanel tote bag and the white, pintucked Valentino Maison Bag . She is also pictured to wear her multicolor Chloe Saskia shoulder bag, and her white and yellow canvas and leather Coach Legacy Multi-Turnlock Satchel .
In Gossip Girl, Blake shows us that wearing a uniform every day doesn’t have to be, uniform. Though all the young ladies at the Constance Billard School for Girls have to dress in a plaid skirt and blazer, Blake’s character, Serena, always intends to exhibit her unique style through chic outwear, stunning shoes and boots, and covetable accessories. In the show, she wears a leather jacket and boots paired with the Katherine Kwei Zara Totein watersnake and lambskin. Another case is that Serena wears a necktie with her uniform and carries the punchy violet-colored Bryna Nicole Loyola satchel. While hanging out with boyfriend Dan Humphrey on the weekend, Serena prefers a casual outfit and the Loeffler Randall Bedelia D Ring Satchel . Back at school, Serena alters between her Burberry 'Mini Warrior' Studded Hobo , black and white Gucci Indy hobo , and the Celine Watch Me Work bag .
Blake Lively has one of the most covetable wardrobes. Every girl dreams to dress up like her. She is a fashion icon.

When choosing a laptop, you must pay attention to the important specification, CPU.
CPU is the heart of a computer, and takes charge of the operating system and every application you use. A better CPU means higher running speed, but usually it also means shorter battery life and more money. AMD’s or Intel’s CPU are the most widely used in laptop.
Ultraportable PCs generally use low-voltage AMD or Intel processors. These chips are usually dual-core CPUs that are quite similar to the regular notebook CPUs found in larger laptops but operate at much lower clock speeds (1.2GHz instead of 2.1GHz, for example). Many processors are available in this group, but when you pick a laptop, you can obey a few general rules: More cache is better, and higher clock speeds are preferable but will cause a shorter battery life. AMD's CPUs are a bit slower than Intel's, but are priced to move.
Nowadys many laptops have both dual-core and quad-core CPUs at various speeds. Intel's Core i3 and Core i5 CPUs are excellent for most users,for example, [url=]HP ProBook 4530s[/url] with Intel Core i3 is pretty good; only people who truly need a quad-core CPU (for encoding video, playing games, or running engineering applications, for example) need the quad-core Core i7 processor.Although more cache and higher clock speeds are preferable, but any CPU over 2.0GHz is fast enough to handle all the basic stuff, like playing music, surfing the Web and playing Web games, displaying online video, and managing e-mail.
You'll still find many laptops on sale with Core 2 Duo CPUs, which are the previous generation of dual-core chips from Intel. Core 2 Duo CPUs are enough for most tasks—just avoid the ones with low clock speeds and small caches (1MB or 2MB), if you can. Don’t buy cheap laptops bearing Intel Celeron or Pentium CPUs, or those that carry AMD Sempron CPUs; these processors lower the price, but the performance is not desirable.
So, if you want to [url=]buy laptop[/url], make sure that the CPU satisfies your need, neither too slow nor too fast.

CPU: the Heart of a Laptop by luckyfishluckyfish, 07 Sep 2011 10:42

[url=]handbags[/url] have become a necessity for women when they are out. In their bags, you can find things ranging from tissues to a mobile phone.
Why does women carry their handbags around while men just need a wallet? My opinion is that the need to carry something to hold goods is deeply rooted in the biology of females. Who is the major caregiver of the family from prehistory to the present? Mostly, it is the woman who gets people organized and make sure everyone has whatever they need.
Biologically speaking, it is the woman that takes care of the offsprings and makes sure that everything is at hand once leaving home. I believe that this turns into that women carry all that they need and everyone else could possibly use in their [url=]wholesale handbags[/url].For example, when you are out with a male, do you ask him for tissues, pen, or paper? No, you ask the female. What’s more, women tend to need more things than men does.
To sum up, as women, who are more attentive, are the caregivers of the world and want things in order, they always prepare everything well that they believe will be used. Thus, a comparatively big bag shall be used.

There are three types of [url=]cheap laptop[/url] battery chemistries. Nickel cadmium was the first chemistry, then follows nickel metal hydride and lithium ion.
Nickel Cadmium
NiCd batteries were the first rechargeable batteries for notebook computers and characterized in low cost, versatility and high output current capability. NiCd batteries can be charged quickly and applied in a wide range of products. However, they are now not used in notebooks because of the newer and higher power NiMH and LiON batteries.
Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
NiMH batteries are a significant improvement over NiCd batteries in cost, safety, reliability and capacity. Currently the most widely used notebook battery, the NiMH battery has only one drawback. The "memory effect" of NiMH batteries requires that they be fully discharged prior to recharging for maximum charge effectiveness.
Lithium Ion (LiON)
LiON batteries are now the most popular notebook battery because of improvements over NiMH in the area of memory effect. Moreover, for batteries of comparable capacity, LiON batteries are generally lighter in weight than NiMH batteries. Because the LiON chemistry is the newest in the market and have these advantages, LiON batteries is often much more expensive than for NiMH batteries with the same actual capacity. [url=]Dell Inspiron 1545[/url] uses this kind of battery, and the battery life is quite good.
Smart / Dumb Batteries
Some batteries are referred as "smart" or "dumb." Smart batteries have internal microprocessor circuits which help manage battery energy, indicate the state of the charge, forecast running time and track battery usage. Dumb batteries do not have these smart battery functions.

Laptop Battery Category by luckyfishluckyfish, 06 Sep 2011 07:36

Fall can be a tough time to find a reasonably priced [url=]handbags[/url]. Not only do the straw and linen options of summer suddenly vanish, but they’re replaced by far more expensive materials, particularly for Fall 2011 – python, fur, crocodile. The accessories industry seems to have conspired to make us spend more money on this season’s trends.
Fret not, though. I spent most of yesterday tracking down the past bags of the season under $600, and these aren’t little box clutches are nylon totes, because that would be a total cop-out. Nope, what we have here are leather bags big enough to be used regularly, and they’re so chic that you’ll want to do just that.
Again and again, Coach proves itself the perfect place to start looking for an everyday bag at a relatively nonthreatening price point. The brand’s reimagined Poppy line, and the Coach Poppy Pushlock Satchel in particular, are surprisingly affordable for how chic the bags are. The best part for shoppers like me who hate obvious branding? There’s none to be found.
The Olivia Harris line is only a few seasons old, but I’ve been impressed with its bags (and their prices) since the beginning. If you want to sport an eye-catching color but still stay neutral, a rusty shade of orange-tan like that of the Olivia Harris Toggle Clasp Satchel is perfect.
Based on the slightly steep prices for Rachel Zoe’s ready-to-wear line (the maxi dress that I ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE is $550, ugh), I was ready to dismiss Zoe’s handbags as overhyped…until I saw them and their price points.
As I mention often, I do love a crossbody. I love Botkier‘s in particular; I have two of them, and I wear them more than probably any other bags in my collection. The Botkier Apollo Crossbody does that legacy justice. It’s just the right size, the color is perfect for fall.
Snakeskin is the trend of the season, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include some of it on this list. Usually for less than $600, all that you can hope for is faux, but the Elie Tahari Lanie Snakeskin Bag offers the real thing in a neat little package. With cute pleats and a chain strap, I don’t see how you could need anything more.
Of course, no mention of Fall 2011 trends would be complete without red, and to fill that gap, I’d like to offer the 3.1 Phillip Lim Lynus Mini Envelope Bag. If I were you, I’d remove the stiff black shoulder trap and use the flat red one with the little fur puff, or remove them both and you’ve got a perfect minimalist clutch. Not only that, but this is a bonafied runway bag for less than a grand.

Six Great Fall Bags by luckyfishluckyfish, 05 Sep 2011 09:31

Let me start off by saying, before I purchased this laptop, I did research for WEEKS, I looked at everything from HP’s to Acers and Thinkpads and I can honestly assure you that for this price range (Around $1,100) you will not find a better notebook. I have had my [url=]ASUS N53SV-XV1[/url] since late May and I have loved every second of it. The full HD screen is BEAUTIFUL, the sound quality is pretty decent and this notebook as blazing speeds. It’s perfect for whatever you want to do, schoolwork, watching movies (1080p looks stunning), even videogames (I have tested games like Just Cause 2, Team Fortress 2, Killing Floor and Alien Swarm, I was able to run them at med-high settings at an acceptable frame rate)! I have had absolutely no technical issues with my laptop at this time of posting, everything has ran flawlessly. The i7 Quad Core processor enables the laptop to run at blazing speeds.
Do not buy some over priced Mac book, this [url=]ASUS laptop[/url] will give you more features for a fraction of the cost, I Can’t recommend it enough.

ASUS N53SV-XV1 Laptop Review by luckyfishluckyfish, 05 Sep 2011 09:30

Summer holiday is over and a new session begins. I’m eager to share with my friends and classmates the fresh [url=]wholesale handbags[/url] I get in this summer. I’m really a hanbag fanatic.
This Antoinette Lee Olivia Crossbody bag is a portable bag for we girls who like to take a stroll in the campus, and cool enough to go shopping with our friends. The soft leather feels comfortable, the shiny gold studs and the classic shape having a hint of school style are fashionable enough.
Many people may have this problem that they have a Ipad but without a good idea of how to pack it. There are many great cases from Abas, which are perfect bags to cover Ipad. Except for the classic black color, you can choose many other colors to make your Ipad glisten.
A sexy clutch is a necessity for girls to attend various parties at weekend. This feNa clutch in Smoke is a good option to store your compact, lip gloss, and other personal items.
These [url=]bags for sale[/url] are really my treasures, and I believe I can have an excited autumn wearing my new bags. Happy new session!

New Session, New Bags by luckyfishluckyfish, 04 Sep 2011 09:06

I’ve just abandoned my old Toshiba laptop and buy the the Acer Aspire 5742. Actually, when my friend introduce me this laptop, I have misgivings because I have never used Acer laptop before. As my friend told me that its performance is really very good and the price is quite reasonable, I decideed to buy it after a serious consideration. It turns out to be a right choice.
The [url=]Acer Aspire 5742[/url] has the 2.5GHz Intel Core i3-370M processor, which runs applications at a sound speed.While the Acer Aspire 5742's 48Wh battery has a sound capacity, staying up and running for an impressive five hours (307 minutes).
Of course, with a comparatively cheap price you won’t be getting premium features such as a discrete graphics chip. Like many other budget laptops the Acer Aspire 5742 relies on the Core i3’s built-in graphics processing. This is more than adequate for the majority of non-gaming tasks.
In construction, the Acer Aspire 5742 is smart if a little unimpressive. Its textured lid and svelte proportions make the most of the lower-cost materials used.
Acer’s usual ‘lilypad’ keyboard has no dedicated special function keys, but is easy to type on and is accompanied by a smooth recessed muti-gesture trackpad with a single button which tilts to provide left and right clicks.
Three USB ports are provided on the Acer Aspire 5742-374G32Mnkk, two of which are right at the front for easy access, along with an SD/SDHC memory card reader.
It has been two months since I bought this [url=]Acer laptop[/url]. It works perfectly without any problem till now. I really like it.

This fall many fashion designers lay favor on metallics as a fashion element in handbag designs, and although some people express no interest on this [url=]handbag[/url] trend, many absolutely love it. With the decent outfit and shoes, metallics can light your wardrobe this season.

A metallic clutch is a necessity this fall, as it takes the already in-your-face trend and tones it down a notch. The Olivia clutch by M. Clifford Designs can be worn as a shoulder clutch or handheld. With this clutch, you will be more charming on any fall occasion.

Mixing gold and silver is no longer a fashion taboo, and the Dolce Shoulder Bag by Antoinette Lee Designs is a splendid example of such. With framed accents and gold/silver hardware, the bag can double up as a clutch or a beautiful shoulder bag.

Here's a hobo that will make you feel like anything but one. This copper glam rock bagby Cassidy Randall has metallic chain detailing and studding that match your other fall-appropriate accessories well.
These metallic handbags are really gorgeous, aren’t they?

I have just graduated from high school, and I am going to enter the University as a freshman. I’ve heard a computer is a necessity for a college student, so I plan to buy a laptop computer recently. After a specific survey of a series of laptops on the Internet as well as in the stores, I find that [url=]Dell Inspiron 1545[/url] is pretty good and can meet my requirements.
The Inspiron 1545 has Intel Pentium dual-core processor, 15.6-inch HD widescreen LED display, a built-in webcam and microphone so I can connect with family and friends, and is also installed with Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit. The capacity of hard disk is 320GB, which can satisfy my need for information storage. The compact design makes it easy to take with me for study and entertainment. The Inspiron 1545 is equipped with 4GB memory and can runs at a high speed.
I am a movie fanatic, and I attach importance to the visual effect. This laptop allows me to watch movies thth the DVD-RW optical drive. Moreover, the 16:9 aspect HD screen can.
The color of this laptop is classic black. Black is the right color I like cos it looks cool and smart, and it is not easy to looks dirty.
I find [url=]Dell Inspiron 1545[/url] is quite good, I decide to buy it.

Dell Inspiron 1545 by luckyfishluckyfish, 03 Sep 2011 10:38

Autumn is coming. Have you chosen appropriate handbags for wardrobe? I believe the Moni Moni Handbag will be a nice option.
Cinzia Moniaci, a native of Milan, is the designer of Moni Moni handbags. The [url=]handbags[/url]
she designed have a comfortable feel and appreance. Whether or not you think I'm speaking out of personal experience is at your discretion, but so is this style if it's right for you.
Moni Moni handbags feature distressed jeans, stains, discoloration, little holes, and missed stitches and is quite special.
While it is not my preference to get excited for bags with these specific quirks, it's also noted that it's not everyone's preference. I'm sure some of you bagistas can really appreciate the down-to-earth qualities of these bags while happily embracing its urban flare, and some of these bagistars happen to be celebrities like Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Kourtney Kardashian.
Moni Moni handbag Fall collection is worthy of particular appreciation. Each piece comes out in a beautiful color manifesting the breath of autumn, and will increase glamour to your wardrobe in this autumn.

1. How to Clean a Laptop
Since the laptop is an expensive device, you should be careful to clean the screen. Use a soft cloth with no imprint or monogram on it, for these may scratch the screen. In addition, the cloth should be lint-free, in case that it will leave fibres on the screen, and make the display obscure.
Don’t spray any cleaner directly on the screen. Instead, spray onto the cloth.
The screen is the most expensive component of your [url=]laptop[/url]. Make a cautious chioce of the cleaning spray. Harsh sprays could turn the screen yellow, and may even cause cracking. Use plain water or vinegar to clean the screen.
2. Place a Laptop
Hard drives operates on the property of magnetic flux, so any electrical field may damage the hard disk and the data in it. Place your [url=]mini laptop[/url] at least 13 cm away from any electrical appliance that radiates a strong magnetic field,such as a microwave oven.
3. Give It A Breather
If you have just shut down your laptop, another startup should be 30 seconds later. This ensures that the hard drive has spun down, and does not suffer from sudden switching on and off.
4. Data Backup
Back up your data often. Laptops are mobile devices, and are vulnerable to damage. Also, it’s possible that the hard disk simply crashes. Remember not to back up too frequently.
5. Battery Care
When charging the battery for the first time, it should be 12 hours or the minimum charge time mentioned in the manual. For daily use, charge the battery to full capacity, use the laptop on battery power until it is completely drained.
Don’t leave your battery unused for a long time. Use it regularly to keep it in good condition. Switch off the AC adapter when you don’t use your laptop so as to avoid overcharging.

Tips for Laptop Maintenance by luckyfishluckyfish, 02 Sep 2011 09:52

Fall and winter is coming. Every girl wants to carry the fashion handbag and lead the fashion.
What’s kind of handbag will be the hot handbags?

Of refined and defined for high and stand-out-of-the-crowd, this season is a handbag must-have for all women! Luxe details, touches of color and rich fabrics are just some of the elements that make this overview of links, [url=]tote bag[/url], backpacks, shoulder bags and tote remarkable. So get ready to write your "Lust" list, ladies, Bobbie Thomas, Today Style editor and author of the Buzz column for "In Touch Weekly," speaks the main trends in handbags this season.

Structured folders are the perfect accent for sophisticated dresses to fall. But just because I'm an adult does not mean that they are predictable. How to switch edges, and a small, elegant shapes portfolio before large, there are all sorts of styles to congratulate the closed season clothes. Sharp, clean lines and elegant in a top-handles are literally "framed" as a point of reference to be used for the selection of bags up off the shiny appearance. And the best part of this development? Correct these songs are real classics, and can be transferred to many seasons to come!

Unique design, light color and fashion handbag will be your most outstanding accessory.
Choose the most match and fashion handbag for ourselves.

I bought SUS A53U-XE1 to instead my old laptop, which became very slow after 3 years.
ASUS A53U-XE1 with dual-core processor, so it should not be confused with the 1GHz. This means that you have really 2GHz processor.

Model [url=]ASUS A53U-XE1[/url]
CPU AMD Dual-Core C-50
Memory 3GB DDR3
Hard Drive 320GB HDD
Graphic AMD Radeon HD 4250 graphics
Display 15.6" 1366 x 768 HD display
OS Windows 7

With the latest AMD dual-core processor C-50 accelerated Radeon ? HD 4250 graphics, A53U-XE1 easily handles multiple tasks and entertainment in its brilliant 15.6 "LED-backlit HD +. Prepared for HDMI, supersize your high definition half of HDTV up to 1080p and 8-channel graphics surround sound support. The A53U-XE1 is also designed with technology ASUS IceCool hairline brushed aluminum to maintain a low temperature in the keyboard and handheld computer support at home, even after the long session. Enclosed in an aluminum chassis, ride free with scratch protection and stain resistant for rugged durability day after day.
I high recommend this machine to anyone. Great laptop for me.

ASUS A53U-XE1 15.6" Notebook by luckyfishluckyfish, 01 Sep 2011 09:06

Every girl would attend parties or invited by her prince. We should be the princess in the party. Not only the evening dress is important, but also the evening bag, which is the biggest accessory.
So we need to know how to match the bag with our dress.
Each woman has her own collection of bags, and if this collection does not include evening bags, collection is empty. [url=]evening bags[/url] are special bags that you can match your evening gown. These are usually decorative and embellished with flowers, sequins, rhinestones, pearls and lace. Also evening bags can be simple, but they are quite elegant and sophisticated. Many designers, retailers with these beautiful bags, and you can search in general, from many different styles and colors. It is best to choose an evening bag that fits your style fits your personality, is useful in addition to being smart, and match your dress.
If you are short and chubby, avoid using large handbags. They are not your appearance. The most appropriate solution in this case is short and small bag. They also add to your personality that you will see more than what you really are. For the slender body and big handbags are generally not suitable. Instead, a shoulder bag is best suited to your body and the occasion. However, the size of the shoulder bag is always included. Since the body is tall and thin, you should consider a large handbag.
Find the suitable evening bag for yourself and be the princess in party.

Now android tablet is popular all over the world and more and more people use it for entertainment and business. It is more convenient than laptops when we go out.
[url=]cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet[/url] is equipped with a 7-inch five points are the ability to display resolution is 800 * 480, with the core Cortex A9, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of storage capacity, equipped with the Android operating system 2.2. Friends feel AML8726-M should know that the video is very strong. Play 1080P is a problem. Built in Mali-400 GPU also has a strong 3D performance. In addition, it also supports Wi-Fi and HDMI output.
Although this configuration can not say more powerful, it can be compared with the current 7-inch tablet Android. And the shocking affordable price also makes the cost of APAD C7 in the sky. A9-screen capability can make a low price, this Tablet PC. If you like the Tablet PC 7-inch if you ignore the resistive screen, and limited funds, then this 7-inch-5-point of the capacitive touch screen is your best choice. Of course, the configuration and price, one key is to see actual results. If the experience is bad, even the cheapest price, we will not lose money. So we still have a look at what APAD C7 may.
Cortex-a9 android 2.2 design is also very common is not a color of the stain. But in the digital era leader of Apple, he became aware of simple design. And too much change reduces product quality, as a 7-inch Tablet PC is used to transport, particularly in public places. The design is too complex a product may seem like a low-end products. Their application will be embarrassed.
I love it so much for its high performance and low price. It is very convenience for travel and business.

Cortex-a9 android 2.2 tablet by luckyfishluckyfish, 31 Aug 2011 08:32

Android 2.2 Fly Touch III tablet is one of the best I have bought.

[url=]Android 2.2 Fly Touch III tablet[/url] has a 10.1 inch screen with 1024 x 600. It supports Word, Excel, Power Point, e-mail, 1080p HDMI video, music, photos and chat online.

Supported audio formats include MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, OGG, FLAC, AAC and video files are supported: AVI, MP4, AVI, DIVX, WMV.

It comes with a Wi-Fi, GPS, good fun and an Internet device, also offers an HDMI interface and share your favorite pictures on television.
The Most outstanding features as following:

Color: Silver
Processor: 1 GHz ix220 infomix
OS: Google Android 2.2
RAM: 512 MB
Storage: 4 GB
TF card expansion supporting up to 32GB
Display: 10.1 inch touch panel resistance 1024 * 600
3G: 3G external support (EVDO/E1916)
Camera: 2.0 megapixels
This product looks fantastic and good in performance. I love it so much.

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